Operation HOPE has launched a new mobile app – HOPE In Hand powered by HOPE Inside Mobile – now available for download from the App Store or Google Play. HOPE In Hand has digitized HOPE’s financial education and coaching services traditionally offered through a physical 150+ national location network—extending access to HOPE Inside programming to millions of Americans.

HOPE In Hand places the power of HOPE Inside at the fingertips of individuals seeking financial coaching support to manage credit and money, start businesses, purchase homes, or recover financially from a disaster, like the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the app, users can create/manage an account profile and receive virtual one-on-one assistance from an assigned financial wellbeing coach.

Users are matched with a coach near their geographic location. If there is no HOPE Inside presence in/near the client’s city location, a national-level coach will be assigned. The app is designed to facilitate an individual’s specific financial wellbeing needs – users are able to select from a variety of common financial issues/goals, and are supported by a financial expert. With HOPE In Hand, users can message chat in real-time with their coach, and access action plans. Services provided via HOPE In Hand are offered at no cost to the client.