Monia was a hard working mom with big dreams for her future. Raising six children, ages 1 to 10, is no easy feat, but she manages to do it with joy and a heart full of love. When Monia met her soon-to-be Financial Wellbeing Coach, Alisha, at HOPE Inside Capital Bank Salisbury in March she communicated that she wanted to purchase a home, filled with that same joy and love, to nurture and raise her family in. Excited at the opportunity, Alisha sat down with Monia and they started working right away. Little did they know that their face-to-face meeting would be the first and the last for a long time due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, Monia walked away with a work place custom made for her situation and her goals.

Month after month, Monia checked in with Alisha excited to report her progress. Monia aggressively pursued her savings and credit score goals and went over and beyond her intermediary goals. Initially, her goal was to move into a new home within a year’s time. However, thanks to her financial fervor and feverish pursuit of her financial goals, what should have taken one year only took eight months! Monia successfully applied for a mortgage and was approved!

Monia proudly standing in front of her new home.

Here’s what she had to say:

“I would like to thank Alisha and Operation HOPE for helping me manage, budget, and save money to help build my credit and purchase my first home. She made it a very easy and fast experience and motivated me to meet my goals in less than 8 months when the goal was originally a year. She also provided me with a great lender that made the home buying process smooth. I can’t thank you enough for helping me and my children!!!”