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                  Recognizing the dedicated service of long-serving HOPE employees. As we approach the 28th anniversary of Operation HOPE, we applaud the dedicated service of our employees across the country in fueling the mission of HOPE. Thank you for all your daily contributions to empowering communities with financial dignity. We give special recognition to the following employees marking more than 15 years of service at HOPE this year. Congratulations! 

                  15 years
                  Diane Sellers
                  Director, HOPE Inside Disaster
                  Program Operations

                  17 years
                  Tanya Carter
                  Vice President, Quality Control
                  HOPE Research Institute

                  18 years
                  Eric Clay
                  Financial Wellbeing Coach
                  Program Operations

                  19 years
                  Jena Roscoe
                  Senior Vice President
                  Government Relations & Public Policy  

                  20 years
                  Juana Rosales
                  Human Resources Specialist
                  Human Resources

                  Mary Ehrsam
                  HOPE Partnerships

                  26 years
                  Lance Triggs
                  HOPE Program Operations

                  27 years
                  Rachael Doff
                  Senior Executive Vice President; CAO; 
                  Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor, Office of the Chairman


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