When Mariah first came to Operation HOPE she came knowing that she needed to improve her credit as part of her “adult responsibilities and priorities” but didn’t really see a reason that she would need it anytime soon. Boy, was she wrong! Life had something special waiting for her around the corner, if, and only if she had proper prior preparation.

Mariah connected with Operation HOPE through her good friend Blake, the financial wellbeing coach for Center for Disaster Recovery in Bronx, New York. Blake took the time to rebuild her financial framework from the ground up which included making a budget, creating a savings plan, and a personalized step-by-step plan to build her credit. With Blake by her side she was able to increase her credit score by over 50 points. Blake explained how credit works, the various factors that go into generating a credit score, and how she could protect and build her credit in the long-term.

Months after she graduated with Operation HOPE, Mariah’s fiancé’s had a death in the family. As part of his will, he left the house to his daughters who were extremely motivated to sell it. The sisters agreed to give Mariah the first opportunity to purchase it. Thanks to the work that she and Blake had done on her finances and credit she was able to navigate the home buying process smoothly, especially with her new 700 credit score.

With a few finishing coaching touches, Blake helped Mariah get her financial situation to a place where she could request an even lower APR than what she was originally quoted. Because Mariah did the hard work of preparation beforehand she was in position to take full advantage of the blessing and life changing opportunity that presented itself at the most unlikely of times.