Dallas B. Tanner

President & CEO
Invitation Homes

Mr. Tanner has served as our President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and a Board member since January 2019. As a founding member of our business, Mr. Tanner has been at the forefront of creating the single-family rental industry. Since the founding of Invitation Homes in April 2012, he has served as Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, and from August 2018 to January 2019 as Interim President. Prior to our IPO in February 2017, he served on the boards of the IH Holding Entities. Mr. Tanner has almost 20 years of real estate experience through the establishment of numerous real estate platforms. In 2005, he founded Treehouse Group, for which he privately sourced funds for platform investments, including single-family rental homes, multifamily properties, manufactured housing, residential land, bridge financing and property management. Mr. Tanner continues to be involved in Treehouse Group’s interest in Pathfinder Ventures, a Southwest-focused commercial real estate fund. In addition, he was a partner in a successful acquisition of First Scottsdale Bank of Arizona. Mr. Tanner served on the Maricopa County (Arizona) Flood Control Board and on the advisory board of First Scottsdale Bank. He is actively involved in American Indian Services and served as a missionary in the Netherlands and Belgium.