Operation HOPE has committed $500,000 from its unrestricted funding starting August 15, 2021 to help those individuals, from underserved populations, dealing with imminent eviction working through our growing network of  HOPE Inside coaching locations now operating in 30 states, and growing, along with our HOPE In Hand App, available in all 50 states.  This charitable fund will ‘bridge need,’ and assist those facing eviction tied to COVID19 and the nation’s response to the same.  

HOPE Helping Hand Fund grants will be subject to the defined eligibility requirements, including engagement with a HOPE Financial Coach where they will receive guidance and assistance with budgeting, credit, cash flows, problem solving, etc.  HOPE will also serve, when necessary, as an intermediary between the client and landlord in an attempt to negotiate a mutual resolution.  

Where appropriate, HOPE will attempt to help applicants receive benefits through the Federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program.  This HOPE Fund will seek to ‘bridge’ individuals and families who may otherwise qualify for federal assistance, but may not have either a) the time or b) the process understanding necessary to secure federal government assistance. 


 I have read and fully understand all the details of this program. I am currently a HOPE client and meet all the requirements based the eligibility survey.


I am NOT currently a HOPE client and would like to get connected with a coach to start my journey to a better financial future.

* If you are a HOPE client but have not met all the requirements for this program, please reach out to your Financial Wellbeing Coach directly for further guidance.


Do I have to be behind on my rent and currently facing eviction to get assistance?

Yes, you must be at least two (2) months behind on your rent tied to your primary residence and/or provide documentation of pending eviction actions against you.

Is this ONLY for renters or can you help with possible foreclosure of a home?

The Helping Hand Fund is only for those paying rent for their primary place of residence.  This grant is not intended to assist with mortgage payments.

Do I need to have an eviction notice before I can apply or can I just get help for my rent since I am behind?

If you are at least two (2) months behind on your rent, or you can provide documentation of pending eviction actions against you, you are eligible to apply.

I rent a room from someone and they are going to kick me out if I don't pay them. Can I still apply?

If you have a formal rental agreement and are behind at least two (2) months and/or can provide documentation of pending eviction actions against you, you are eligible to apply.  You can be renting a home, a room, an apartment, a condo, a mobile home, or any other form of housing as long as it is your primary place of residence and you have a signed rental agreement in place.

I have already been evicted and I am trying to get approved for another apartment. Can you help me with my deposit?

If you can provide documentation of the eviction action and a signed lease agreement of 12 months or longer for your new primary rental residence, HOPE can provide a grant, but the funds must be used for rent versus the deposit.

Do I have to get my landlord or property owner to provide a W-9, giving their tax ID or SSN?

HOPE will work directly with the owner/property management to get a W-9 from them. Federal law and the IRS requires that Operation HOPE submits a 1099 for all rental payments over $600.  W-9 can be found here: (https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf)

Do I have to be a client of Operation HOPE?

Yes, you have to be an active client of Operation HOPE.  You must complete at least three (3) sessions with an assigned Financial Well-Being Coach and you must have a co-signed HOPE financial work-plan in your file.

If I received a COVID-19 Mini-Grant in the past am I eligible for the Helping Hand Fund grant?

No.  If you received a COVID-19 Mini-Grant you are not eligible to apply for the Helping Hand Fund grant.