A few years ago, Operation HOPE  had the privilege of working with Retired US Air Force Sergeant Dan Przewlocki. At the time, Sergeant Przewlocki had recently lost his wife to cancer and found himself buried in medical debt. He relied heavily on credit cards and short-term loans from his bank to keep his finances afloat while managing his monthly financial responsibilities. Sergeant Przewlocki was adamant about fixing his budget and finances himself, but he eventually became very concerned about his long-term financial well-being and realized that he could use some help.

An Operation HOPE Financial Wellbeing Coach met with Sergeant Przewlocki at a HOPE Inside location in  Detroit to listen to his story and his concerns about his budget and finances. He was reluctant at first and didn’t believe that we could help him. After a few initial meetings, he agreed to join the program. With the help of his coach, he was able to build a better monthly budget and developed a plan for him to pay off his credit card debt and loans in a certain order with the least amount of impact on his monthly finances. His coach also helped him dispute two negative items on his credit report and petitioned the court to remove a public record that had already been paid off.

Thanks to Sergeant Przewlocki’s dedication to the financial and credit coaching process, in just 3 short months his credit score increased 230 points.

We are proud to serve our veterans and are happy to fight for their financial dignity as they fought to preserve our freedoms.