Operation HOPE is thrilled to welcome Jessica Bergeron to the Operation HOPE family. She has had an incredible career full of fun and impact for others. At HOPE, she has accepted a role as the Senior Vice President of HOPE Innovation and Learning where she will be leading the efforts for HOPE’s latest initiative, 1 Million Black Businesses (1MBB), powered by HOPE and Shopify.

She began career as a classroom teacher after obtaining a degree in English at Spelman College and a Masters in Education from Smith College. She quickly developed interest in educational research and returned to school to obtain a doctorate degree in Education from Georgia State University with a special research focus on adult learning. 

Throughout her career, Jessica discovered that there were problems that her students – and the adults who support them – were facing that were much larger than the four walls of the building. She became interested in systems change and learned that complex problems require collective solutions. She loves helping people solve complex problems through connecting people. Oftentimes, complicated issues like poverty and education involve multiple people in public and private spaces.

Jessica thrives in situations where there is a need to visualize all of the moving parts and players of the big picture, such as how government, non-profit, philanthropic, and volunteers need to intersect and interact best to create a desired outcome. She enjoys helping people come together around conflict or change to find a common purpose and turn that common agenda into an implementation plan that has measurable outcomes for success. Most recently, she worked with the Georgia Department of Education to set up a state-wide system to provide testing services for children with special needs. She has also held positions at the YMCA of Metro Atlanta as one of their leaders for their Head Start program as well as the Atlanta Speech School’s the Rollins Center to provide professional development through their online program www.readrightfromthestart.org

“I am beyond excited to be working at Operation HOPE and leading the 1MBB Initiative,” Jessica says. “I believe that the success of 1MBB will depend on a vast network of partnerships, connections, all of whom need to align their outcomes and meticulously measure their progress. As well, we have another opportunity to enhance existing HOPE programs and product offerings. I am grateful that much of my career and studies have prepared me for this work. My work at GA Dept of Education was incredibly fulfilling  –but this opportunity called to me. In the wake of George Floyd’s murder and the unrest that our country was facing throughout 2020, I realized that I really wanted to be part of the solution rather than waking up each morning wringing my hands and wondering how I can help. We at HOPE have a once-in-a-lifetime moment to change the future of our communities, not just for ourselves, but also for our children and grandchildren’s generations. I am incredibly honored that I have been granted this immense responsibility, and I take it very seriously.”

At home, she is a mom of three children ages 9, 12, and 18, and is also the wife of a former Falcons football player (she was also a Hawks and Falcons cheerleader!) who is now working at a private school in the Atlanta metro area as a PE teacher and football and track coach. The pair and their family live just outside of Atlanta in Marietta, GA near Kennesaw State University. She remains incredibly active in the educational advocacy space. 

Learn more about her here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessica-page-bergeron/