Internship America inspires young people to achieve more, by facilitating rich mentorship connections and an enriching hands-on work experience to spark a student’s aspirational spirit.

The life-changing program allows students to intern with executives at small businesses, corporations, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. The objective is to provide an opportunity for students to observe and gain direct experience in leadership, financial management, and professional development around how businesses manage operations, staff, and resources, on a daily basis.

Internship America is at the core of Operation HOPE’s mission to help build an economy that works for everyone by equipping youth and adults with the financial tools and training needed to empower their lives.

Internship America is managed nationally with local implementation by our Youth Empowerment Program Managers. This experience is designed to provide valuable, hands-on experience and exposure to real world scenarios. Interns will spend 3-4 hours per day, three days per week, in a supervised environment. All interns are required to accomplish their learning goals by working independently, and as a group, with their local Program Manager.