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A Season of Growth and Change: A New Home and a New Baby

Brian and Jennifer attended a Homebuyer Education Workshop early last year and enrolled in HOPE Financial Wellbeing Coach Yvetta Quesada’s Homeownership Program in April of 2021. From the start, the couple was both very enthusiastic and excited about the possibility of homeownership. They had been renting for a while, but their family dynamics were quickly changing and they needed an upgrade.

Jennifer’s teenage daughter didn’t have her own room and Jennifer was also pregnant with a new baby! With the new family addition quickly approaching their world debut, Brian and Jennifer were very focused and determined to apply what they learned in the workshop and the action items Yvette laid out so that they could be pre-approved and begin shopping for the house that would become their family’s home.

Throughout the year they found creative ways to save money for a down payment and put their budgeting skills to use. Additionally, both Brian and Jennifer began correcting items on their credit report and paying down debt to increase their FICO credit score. Thanks to their hard work, Brian saw a 34-point jump in his score and Jennnifer boosted her score by 9 points pushing her even higher in the 700-Credit-Score rankings! Over the course of their homeownership journey, they both remained responsive, hopeful, and determined to find the home that best fits their family.

They followed their action plan closely and as of last month, they have closed on a house. Each child has their own room and the parents are overjoyed to add a new home to their season of growth, blessings, and transition.

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