The Corporate Inclusion initiative aims to level the representational playing field of corporate America by placing well-qualified minority candidates on company boards of directors, ensuring that the boardrooms reflect the ethnic and gender makeup of the country.

What We Know

In 2022, only 22.2% of Fortune 500 corporate board seats were held by individuals from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups.  While this is up from 17.5% in 2020, this percentage lags well behind the demographic makeup of the United States. (Source)

Our Mission

By recommending and placing well-qualified candidates from underrepresented ethnic and racial backgrounds on boards of directors, we ensure that the most influential companies and their decision-making are reflective and cognizant of our country’s diversity – when all voices have a seat at the table, everyone benefits.

How It Works

  • Candidates from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds are recommended by high-profile members of the Operation HOPE family and network.
  • After rigorous vetting by the Corporate Inclusion team and review by leadership, the candidates are added to the program.
  • When necessary or beneficial, candidates are given coaching and direction on how to improve their suitability for board service and/or marketability.
  • As placement opportunities are discovered by Corporate Inclusion, Operation HOPE, and trusted members of our network, candidates are recommended for placement in roles for which they are both prepared and well-suited.
  • Corporate Inclusions serves as a catalyst for placement and advisor to both the candidates and the placement organization, facilitating and assisting as needed.


Competency: Recognizing the need for candidates to be educated and prepared to serve, they will be strongly encouraged to take a board service preparatory course.

HOPE seeks to partner with one or more of the organizations already offering board prep programs as they also come with heightened visibility in the board recruitment arena.


Capacity: Candidates should be guided to seek out experience in areas they are deficient  that would allow them to be a more attractive candidate.


Connection: Candidates should be mentored on increasing their professional profiles through speaking engagements, participating on professional panels, published articles, etc.

Candidates should also be strongly encouraged to seek out high-quality, non-profit board service and smaller, private company boards to gain experience and insight and to increase networking opportunities.