Bringing Financial Literacy to Mainstream America

What is Financial Literacy for All?

A national initiative to embed financial literacy into American culture, led by a prominent group of leaders from the business, sports, entertainment and nonprofit sectors. This 10-year initiative will reach millions of youth and working adults by making financial literacy fun, engaging them where they live, work and celebrate.

The Civil Rights Issue of Our Generation

Having the knowledge to manage your finances equips all of us to make smart decisions – how to budget, save, borrow, and build wealth. It helps us buy a car, a house, pay for school or plan for our financial future. Without this financial knowledge, there are major barriers for people to fairly participate in the economy, and work toward their own version of the American Dream.

Founding Organizations

Bank of America
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Member Organizations

American Expres
Dow Jones
Edward Jones
First Horizon
Navy Federal Credit Union
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US Bank
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Wells Fargo

What Areas Will “Financial Literacy for All” Address?

The founding organizations are acting now – combining their collective innovative and creative expertise as well as their daily interaction with millions of employees, clients, customers and suppliers to spur a national movement of equalizing the playing field for all people to learn foundational money management principles. This alignment of vision and mission is supported by: 

  • Making learning money management practices easier to understand and generating public awareness of its importance by directly connecting with working adults.
  • Providing targeted outreach to middle and high school students as well as those attending community college and 4-year universities with innovative methods for reaching those audiences and existing “Best Practices.”

FL4A is a natural extension of Operation HOPE’s services that we have been providing for 30 years. Each of these programs are designed to EDUCATE people on what they need to know, COACH them through putting what they learn into practice and CONNECT them to the resources they need to improve their own financial future and that of their local community.


How to help:

We need members who understand that Financial Literacy is a nationwide imperative. While each of the FL4A members are pursuing a variety of programs and approaches to encourage financial literacy within their organizations and the communities that they serve, all of them have agreed to the four founding principles for Financial Literacy For All:

  • Engage broadly. We seek to create a groundswell for financial literacy so that everyone is welcomed. Our movement is more than just a program, organization, or employer.
  • Embed equity. Financial and racial equity will be at the heart of this movement. It will feature cultural sensitivity, inclusive design and age appropriate programs.
  • Embrace creativity. Rely upon the creativity and expertise of member organizations to ensure financial literacy becomes part of day-to-day life.
  • Stay Flexible. Collaborate on solutions to maximize the reach and results of our collective and company-specific efforts.

The collective impact of these efforts should help identify a variety of nationwide financial literacy program models and best practices that can be adapted to the unique environments of where Americans work, live, and play.


Learn more about Financial Literacy for All or find out more about how to become a FL4A member.