Our Mission

To expand economic opportunity, making free enterprise work for everyone.

Why It Matters

Economic inequality, financial illiteracy, social injustice, inequitable access to capital and lack of financial dignity are real and systemic issues that have hindered the economic growth and opportunity for under-served individuals and small businesses for over 400 years in America. 

We recognize these problems are systemic and complex and require innovative and collaborative solutions from a variety of partners in government, community, and the private sector.

Operation HOPE partners with like-minded players to identify where the greatest impact can be achieved. HOPE offers tangible programs and initiatives that address these problems, establishes audacious long-term goals for improvement, creates and tracks key performance indicators to measure their progress, and then takes the lead in raising awareness, lobbying for change, rallying support and building coalitions to work towards eliminating these issues.

Improving the Financial Lives of Millions

Since its inception in 1992, Operation HOPE has: 

  • Empowered millions of adults and children through financial literacy
  • Influenced the creation of pivotal legislation to enhance financial equity
  • Provided knowledge and coaching to thousands of new business owners
  • Assisted tens of thousands to become new homeowners
  • Guided victims of natural disasters toward financial recovery
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You Can Make A Difference

If you recognize the threat that financial inequity, illiteracy, and lack of economic opportunity poses to our underserved communities, we invite you to join us.