We’re all excited about the recent developments and breakthroughs around the coronavirus vaccine. It’s allowing many of us to resume some of normal day-to-day activities and return to some sense of “normal”. However, we’re not entirely  in the clear yet. Many pundits and politicians believe that the pandemic is over, and that it’s time for workers, especially those in the service and hospitality industries, to leave behind the expanded federal unemployment benefits and get back to work.

Employers nationwide are having a hard time filling many of their open positions and many are pointing fingers at the government as to why the vacancies aren’t filling up. But our founder, John Hope Bryant, has a different perspective. We’re dealing with a mixed bag. Many workers aren’t in a position to return to work due to their home responsibilities and others still don’t feel safe going back to risk their health for what they feel is sub-standard pay.

Our Founder, Chairman, and CEO, John Hope Bryant, and Kevin O’Leary discussed their differing viewpoints today on CNBC’s Squawk Box. Check it below: