Money problems stress out workers on the job. Though they try to hide it, seven out of 10 employees say that they experience financial stress at work, and that it impacts their focus, performance, and relationships. Workplace productivity data shows that employees spend an average of 28 hours a month worrying about or calculating finances at work. This stress is not only felt by the employee, but impacts team cohesion and the customer experience.

HOPE Inside the Workplace delivers credit and money management counseling services to employees through employer wellness programs. It can be implemented individually, or supplement an existing employee benefit. Operation HOPE certified financial wellbeing coaches provide workshops, lunch-and-learn sessions, webinars, and individualized coaching, to help employees attain their financial freedom through improvements in FICO score, budgeting, debt management, and customized approaches to savings for life events.

The benefit extends beyond employee wellness; promoting financial literacy boosts productivity and engagement and makes business sense.

Today employers across industries are looking to these programs to help reduce everything from absenteeism to garnishments and retirement plan loans. Financial literacy education is vital in the workplace where some of our most important financial decisions—saving for retirement health and life insurance selection, childcare options—are made.