Credit & Money Management

Learn how to make to decisions with your money that will set you on a path to being a financially independent person. 

Learn how to make good decisions with your money

Gaining control of your money gives you choices to decide your future.


We sum up what we do with three words: Educate, Coach, Connect.


Through group education sessions, your Financial Wellbeing Coach will share information that will support changes in financial habits and improve overall financial stability.


Through individual coaching sessions, a Financial Wellbeing Coach will give you opportunities to practice what you’ve learned in the group sessions. The coach will share how you can improve your money management, guide you through steps of your financial journey and then continue to support you as you do it on your own. 

In addition to individual coaching sessions, we offer small group coaching sessions for people who want additional practice and/or go deeper into a specific topic. These sessions are about skill building on topics covered in group education and provide you with additional opportunities to gain knowledge on a topic. 


As you work with your Financial Wellbeing Coach, there will be times you will need or want more or different resources, information, introduction to a bank or any number of connections to help outside of Operation HOPE. Your coach will connect you to what you need as a part of their relationship with you.

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“I was amazed! I felt important, I felt honored, I felt privileged. It was a turnaround for me. I just paid off a $3,000 debt and working on another $7,000 one and I went from sleeping in my truck to a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment.”
“You took my bad credit score of 613 and increased it to 683. That is a 70-point boost!! I also increased my savings account from $1,700 to $17,000 within the past year. I am now receiving offers for a car loan and credit cards!! Thanks a MILLION!”

Workshops for Credit & Money Management

HOPE Coaches can help. Our workshops, delivered by Financial Wellbeing Coaches, are here to educate you on what you need to know.

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Will there be any cost associated with this program?

All of our services are FREE for program participants.

How much commitment is required? 

You can participate in as much or as little of the program as you choose. You will have access to as many group education classes and individual coaching sessions as it takes to gain the skills and knowledge you need to achieve your financial goals.

How long does the program last? 

The length of the Credit & Money Management program depends on you and how how much time it takes for you to gain the knowledge and skills needed to have a brighter financial future. No two people learn at exactly the same pace. We are here to support you specifically and therefore there is not a set timeline for completion.

How will I be paired with a coach?

You will be connected to a coach based on the program you are interested in and the availability of a coach near you. 

Will I meet with my coach in-person or virtually?

We make every effort to connect you with a coach you can meet in person. However, if a coach is not located near you, or if you prefer to not to meet in person, we will pair you someone virtually. All of our coaches are able to work with any client on a remote basis through video conferencing, phone and other communication methods.