Financial Disaster Recovery

HOPE Inside Disaster strengthens and aids recovery efforts by assisting individuals and business owners with the short-, medium-, and long-term economic and financial challenges they face following disasters and emergencies. 

After a disaster, we can help you regain your financial footing.

Operation HOPE is committed to supporting the relief efforts in Maui and the surrounding areas. If you are small business owner or individual in need of our financial disaster recover services, please register using the link below, and a member of HOPE team will contact you. You can also contact us by calling 888-388-HOPE.

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The Coalition of the Willing, powered by Operation HOPE, is a collaborative effort between government, community and the private sector, combining current and recruiting additional coalition members to provide programs and resources to assist the survivors of the Maui firestorm.

If you are engaged in supporting the current needs of Hawaii, as they recover from the recent fire storm, please consider joining the Coalition of the Willing, and make a commitment to provide resources, technical support or mentorship. 

America’s first line of response for financial recovery after a disaster.

If you have just experienced a natural disaster or are in need of shelter, food, clothing or medical care, please reach out to your local American Red Cross chapter and your local authorities who should be able to direct you on how to get immediate assistance.

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Disaster Recovery

HOPE Inside Disaster, powered by HOPE Coalition America (HCA), is our Financial Disaster Recovery Program designed to help you get back on your financial footing after your immediate needs for shelter, food, clothing, and medical treatment are addressed. Faced with the financial reality of property damage, job loss, business interruption, credit issues, and debt, disaster survivors need the support of HOPE Inside Disaster, powered by HOPE Coalition America –  America’s first line of response for financial recovery after a disaster.

HOPE Inside Disaster is the only financial emergency preparedness and recovery service in the country. Through partnerships with the American Red Cross, FEMA, and industry leaders, our teams deploy in response to federal-declared disasters to serve as a financial advocate for local homeowners, renters, and small business owners.

HOPE does not provide direct financial aid. However, our team works diligently with disaster victims to obtain needed resources and financial help to facilitate recovery.

Through the HOPE Crisis Hotline and HOPE Inside Disaster on-site counseling centers, our financial wellbeing coaches help survivors mitigate credit issues, develop emergency budget counseling, communicate with creditors, obtain SBA loans, prevent foreclosure, and prepare for the future. The primary services we provide include:

  • Preparation of Recovery Budgets: HOPE Disaster Coaches help individuals, families, and small businesses create recovery budgets that take into account loss of income, housing issues for renters and homeowners, loss of jobs, loss of small business revenue, and disaster related expenses. Recovery budgets are essential to maintain financial stability as you are recovering from a disaster.

  • Referrals for Disaster Assistance: After a disaster, individuals have many needs beyond financial recovery (medical assistance, food, shelter, unemployment, etc.). HOPE works with community members, government agencies, individual experts, Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (VOAD), faith-based organizations, and other nonprofits to refer clients to resources that meet their needs.

  • FEMA Application Assistance: HOPE Disaster Coaches help clients identify whether or not they qualify for FEMA assistance. If they qualify, coaches help clients navigate the application process.

  • Understanding the Insurance Claim Process: During many disasters, loss of property is a real consequence for many. After a loss of property, car, or small business, many clients need assistance with filing and navigating the insurance claim process. HOPE Disaster Coaches are trained to help clients successfully file insurance claims post-disaster.

  • Recovery Seminars and Case Management: Recovery group seminars and case management help disaster survivors navigate the challenges that may prevent them from successfully recovering and rebuilding. Group seminars prove effective in connecting small business owners to enable sharing and learning of best practices, collaboration, and awareness of emerging small business resources.

  • Helping Hand Fund: Operation HOPE created the Helping Hand Fund (HHF) as a one-time emergency program set up specifically for eviction relief for economic hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. HOPE continues to look for ways to support individuals and families in times of financial crisis. Please check back for grant opportunities should they become available.

Disaster Preparedness

Be ready before disaster strikes. In addition to our disaster recovery services, we work with individuals, small businesses and communities to be better prepared for financial emergencies like natural disasters. Some of our preparedness tools include:

  • Emergency Financial First Aid Kit: Working with the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) we have created an Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (EFFAK) to help individuals, families, and small business owners to collect important legal and financial documents in one place. This EFFAK “toolkit” provides both a framework for creating an emergency plan and crucial emergency preparedness and recovery information.You can download and print the toolkit online here.

  • Personal Disaster Preparedness Guide: This companion to the EFFAK toolkit helps clients document medical providers, prescriptions, and childcare pick-up information, and create an emergency budget. Clients can download and print the guide, available in English and Spanish, here.

  • Disaster Financial Recovery Score (DFR) – How ready are you for a disaster? We have developed a brief, 10-question online survey that allows you to gauge your disaster preparedness. After completing the survey, you will receive a DFR score and a personalized action plan to improve your score and find out ways to improve your ability to quickly and adequately recover financially after a disaster or emergency. You can access the survey and action plan at

Support Disaster Survivors

Disasters are unexpected and devastating so we want to always be prepared to help those in need. To assist us in these efforts, please consider becoming a supporter of our HOPE Disaster Recovery and Preparedness Program.

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Additional Resources

Explore additional disaster recovery resources to help you get back on your feet when disaster strikes.


“Sheresse C. was mother of 6 children with a baby on the way; living in Louisiana when Hurricane IDA hit. With the help of her coach, Sheresse was able to apply for and receive both rental assistance and a housing voucher to address her family’s immediate needs. Sheresse ultimately found an apartment in Hattiesburg, MS for $750 a month.”
“Richard V. ran a small business until he and his family were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. He began his journey with Operation HOPE to building better credit and money management skills. Using this counseling, he went from having no credit to a credit score of 703. ”