Our HUD-certified coaches offer group education classes and coaching sessions to provide you with the knowledge, skills and resources to overcome challenges first-time buyers face as you go through the loan process.  

First-time home buyer program

Start building wealth through homeownership. 


We sum up what we do with three words: Educate, Coach, Connect.


Through group education session(s), a Financial Wellbeing Coach teaches you the information you need to know to be a first-time home buyer.


In a series of individual coaching sessions, a HUD-certified, Financial Wellbeing Coach will give you opportunities to practice what you learned in the group education session(s). Your coach will teach you what the loan process includes, guide you through steps of your purchase process and then continue to support you as you complete the process on your own.

In addition to individual coaching sessions, we offer small group coaching sessions for people who want additional practice or to go deeper into a specific topic. These sessions are about skill building on topics covered in group education and will provide you with additional opportunities to gain knowledge on a topic.


As you work with your Financial Wellbeing Coach, there will be times you will need or want more or different resources, information, introduction to a bank or any number of connections to help outside of Operation HOPE. Your coach will connect you to what you need as a part of their relationship with you.

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“With Operation HOPE, Mariah took the time to rebuild her financial framework from the ground up which included making a budget, creating a savings plan, and a personalized step-by-step plan to build her credit. Thanks to the work that Mariah her coach did on her finances and credit, she was able to navigate the home buying process smoothly, especially with her new 700 credit score.”
“I wasn’t in a great place financially and my credit score was very poor, however, my goal for myself is to become a homeowner very soon. After following her advice, my credit score went from 633 to 717. That is an 84 point increase in only six months! I still have a little way to go but I feel that I am on track to obtain my goal and be a homeowner by November 2022 or even sooner.”

Workshops for Homeownership

HOPE Coaches can help. Our workshops, delivered by Financial Wellbeing Coaches, are here to educate you on what you need to know.

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Will I need to pay for this? 

There is no cost to you for the HOPE homeownership coaching program. All of Operation HOPE programs are free for our clients thanks to the generous support of our partners and donors

How much commitment is required

Your commitment toward achieving your homeownership goal is essential to make the program work for you. Completion of the HUD-approved group education class is required. Your Financial Well-being coach will help you every step of the way.

How long does the program last? 

Completion of the HUD-approved group education class is required. The length of time of the class will depend on which option for class offerings you choose to take. There are opportunities to participate in the class all at one time and others that break the class up over time. If you want the support of a coach, the length of time will be dependent on how long it takes for you to be fully prepared to go through the loan process. 

How will I be paired with a coach?

You will be connected to a coach based on the program you are interested in and the availability of one close to where you live. 

Will I meet with my coach in-person or virtually?

We make every effort to connect you with a coach that you can meet in person, if you want that option. However, if a coach is not located in your city, we will pair you with one as close as we can. In some cases, there may not be a coach close enough for you to meet with in-person. All of our coaches are able to work with any client on a remote basis through video conferencing, phone and other communication methods.