Our Impact


The impact of our programs is broad and far reaching. We have helped clients increase their savings, reduce their debt, improve their credit scores, buy homes, obtain financing, prepare for and recover from disasters, start new businesses and take their existing businesses to the next level of success. 

The Operation HOPE Journey

Each HOPE client begins the coaching journey from their unique place based on their current financial situation and their understanding of money and credit. Every person has specific financial challenges to overcome and goals that they want to achieve and we are here to help them at every step along the way.

Real Results for Real People

Individual financial improvement depends on how willing the client is to learn about and use the knowledge and tools from the HOPE programs and how committed they are to make a change in their lives. We have worked with over 1.6 million clients and the financial improvement results have been impressive and lasting. In 2021 alone we saw amazing results for our clients that transformed their lives dramatically.

*Average FICO credit score increase
New small businesses created
Funded mortgage loans
*Average FICO Score Increase for HOPE clients who saw some positive change


What drives our work

Historically, Operation HOPE has identified the greatest areas of need to help others gain financial dignity and move towards better social equity, set audacious goals to make an impact in these areas and then chosen to work with like-minded organizations and individuals to launch major initiatives, create programs, and establish locations to achieve these objectives

Meeting the most pressing and critical needs

Whether it be addressing historic financial inequities and systemic inequalities to financial inclusion and dignity, helping disadvantaged small and minority business owners, grappling with emerging health and social justice issues, preparing for and responding to the financial impact of natural disasters, or boldly thinking about strategic issues that will improve our country overall, like Financial Literacy for All, Operation HOPE constantly focuses on the areas and opportunities where we think we can make the biggest and longest lasting positive impact.

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How to help

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