HOPE Research & Impact Institute

The driving force behind our mission and programs

About the HOPE Research and Impact Institute (HRII)

The HOPE Research and Impact Institute (HRII) is committed to conducting in-depth research that leads to innovative solutions to socio-economic problems facing society at the local, national, and international levels. It brings together leading experts in finance, research, academia, and public policy to provide the highest quality research, thought leadership, policy recommendations and analysis on a full range of issues surrounding poverty, financial wellbeing, disaster preparedness and recovery, and economic growth. As the reporting and measurement division of HOPE, HRII also serves as the central body responsible for measuring and evaluating the impacts of HOPE’s services and programs.

Operation HOPE’s experts are experienced evaluators of financial empowerment programs and resulting impacts on individuals and communities. HOPE currently works to empirically validate its financial empowerment portfolio to ensure it delivers best-in-class programs to individuals around the nation.

Financial Freedom is for Everyone

When individuals are financially literate and connected to personalized financial support, we set them on a path to being self-sufficient, resilient, agents of economic change with the ability to build wealth and shape their financial future.

Our Definition of Success

The Pillars of Financial Health

Financially Free Mindset

When clients establish a sense of trust in and belonging to the financial community, they access the path to becoming a financially empowered individual.

Equitable Opportunity

When clients have a strong financial understanding, they apply new knowledge and skills, tap into networks of relationships and support, and have equitable access to pursue sustainable financial wellness goals.

Resilience and Security

When clients apply both a financially free mindset and practical skills, they are prepared to recover quickly from unexpected hardships and advance towards financial objectives even when faced with adversity.


When clients are armed with financial confidence, they take purposeful initiative to grow assets and build wealth in their own – and others’ – lives.

How Do We Get There?

If we deliver a package of human capital, social capital, and financial access to individuals then we will significantly improve the financial condition of individuals and communities through long-term, meaningful economic and social change. With 30 years of experience, HOPE’s theory of change provides a framework to demonstrate how our services empower individuals, families, and small businesses to become financially healthy, thus advancing communal social justice through an economic lens.

Ready to Join our Mission?

If you recognize the threat that financial inquiry, illiteracy, and lack of economic opportunity poses to our school-aged children, adults, families, small businesses, communities and our country we invite you to join us in our mission.

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