The HOPE Insider

Operation HOPE heard loud and clear that it is addressing the financial literacy concerns of Americans.

How do we know?

Operation HOPE has conducted its most comprehensive, nationwide survey to date – The HOPE Insider – to gather client sentiment on housing, debt, small business, work, and general economic optimism. With more than 3,500 responses.

here is what we found

  • More than two-thirds of the participants (69%) who work full-time continue to feel the strain of current economic factors and are “VERY concerned” about debt levels, higher interest rates, inflation, economic instability, and personal financial strain
  • Rising debt levels are their biggest source of worry for the next year (32%).
  • Credit card debt is by far participants’ biggest financial burden (36%), followed by student loans (16%), mortgages (13%), and auto loans (12%).

Most financially stressful or burdensome type of debt

  • Almost one-third of participants (29%) say they are most worried about affordable housing costs in 2024, and over half (56%) are “VERY concerned” over the current cost of housing.
  • 41% considered purchasing a home last year, but found it unaffordable.
  • Many are living paycheck-to-paycheck, with 40% making $50,000 or less.

Despite these specific areas of concern, Operation HOPE clients tend to have a high level of optimism, thanks in part to the resources, tools, and coaching provided through our services.

  • 85% say they are hopeful that their financial well-being will increase in 2024 with 50% saying they are “VERY hopeful”
  • 87% say their business/career situations are looking optimistic for 2024
  • 65% of participants are hopeful that business growth in their community will increase over the next year.  Almost one-quarter say they are “VERY hopeful”

This level impact is also echoed through HOPE’s Q3 2023 Impact Report, which showed:


average increase of 41 points

in our clients’ credit scores
(of those who saw improvement)


a median decrease in debt

of $1,902


a median increase in savings

of $800

participants are optimistic for 2024

When asked to describe what participants were most optimistic about for the next year, these were the common themes:


read what they said


“I’m extremely optimistic that I can tap into a resource like Operation HOPE to educate me and provide strategies on how to view finances. … I just started the process of entrepreneurship and purchased a home this year and it wouldn’t have been possible without the education I received.”



“I feel like I have a plan going forward thanks to your assistance and insight into financial options.  I really ‘HOPE’ this program will be available next year for…people who are continuing to struggle with financial burdens.  This is a lifesaving benefit to those of us stressing over making financial ends meet every day.”   


“I am hopeful that I will get a better paying job and we will be able to get our dream house because we are consistently making plans and writing down our goals.”