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1M Black Businesses

Start, grow, and scale one million Black businesses by 2030

Drive Black economic development across the United States

We aim to start, grow, and scale 1 million Black businesses by 2030 to provide a successful path to wealth creation for the black community.

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Shopify Data Shows How Far Black Entrepreneurs Have Come – And The Barriers They Still Face

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We do this through:

  1. Building Human CapitalGain skills to start and grow a business
  2. Providing Social CapitalDevelop a support network and partner resources to help you grow your business
  3. Ensuring Access to Equitable Capital FundingHelp you prepare for and know how to find capital to support your business

Are You Starting a Business?

Are You Starting a Business?
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Does Your Business Need Help?

Does Your Business Need Help?
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Need a Mentor?

Need a Mentor?
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  • A 1MBB Navigator will help connect you with a mentor
  • You will have access to education, coaching services, and free products from partners like Shopify and Intuit
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Our Partners

Operation HOPE, has partnered with Shopify (who made a 10-year commitment valued at approximately $130 million) and a coalition of some 60 other corporate, governmental and private partners to positively impact one million Black-owned businesses in the U.S. by 2030. The following represents only some of the key 1MBB partners.

100 Black Men
Atlanta Black Chamber
Central state University Logo
Citizens Bank logo
City of Pittsburgh logo
City of St. Louis
Clark Atlanta
Clear Channel Outdoor
Club E logo
DebtMD logo
Department of Commerce logo
Embassy International Chamber of Commerce logo
FDIC logo
First Horizon
First Independence Bank
FIrst Republic Bank logo
Greater Georgia Black Chamber of Commerce logo
iHeart media
Livingstone College logo
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Logo
Players Coalition Logo
SBA logo
Sterling Seacrest Pritchard logo
The Reach Project logo
United Way of Southwest Georgia logo
Urban Impact
Vivian's Door


What is the time commitment for the 1MBB program?

There is no one size fits all. Each small business is different and each small business owner has unique needs depending on their initial financial, business and sector knowledge and their experience. As such, the 1MBB offerings can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each entrepreneur or business owner. We strongly encourage that every participant in the 1MBB program invest the time to thoroughly understand their needs, gather the information and tools that they need to address those needs, develop specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time bound goals and a detailed plan of action to attain them, and then commit as much time as is necessary to work on that plan to achieve their goals.

What does it cost to participate in the 1MBB program?

There is NO cost for entrepreneurs and small business owners to participate in the 1MBB program. This initiative, like all of the services that Operation HOPE provides to adults, children, homeowners and small business owners are offered FREE OF CHARGE.

What impact has 1MBB had for others?

Although the initiative is still in its early stages, 1MBB’s impact has been profound. According to the latest statistics, Black entrepreneurship is now at the highest level among all minority groups in the US since the start of the pandemic. More corporations, organizations and funding sources have recognized the historic inequities facing Black business owners and are coming forward to work with Operation HOPE to help start, revitalize and grow Black businesses. In addition, we have received tremendous response from the clients who have signed up for 1MBB and have gotten tangible results in starting or growing their businesses.


How to Help

We are always looking for additional partners who share our vision for helping Black businesses. You can help 1MBB in a number of ways including making a financial commitment, providing volunteers, or offering free or discounted products or services that can help a Black business move towards success.

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“This program has encouraged me and motivated me, and inspired me to really hit the ground running when it comes to becoming an entrepreneur. So, anybody who has cold feet, or anybody who’s thinking twice or reluctant to do it, I hope that this gives you the push to get your ideas and thoughts out there. Take the opportunity, work with HOPE, and run.”
“It’s been a lifelong dream to have my own company and thanks to you it's finally happening. Your diligence and guidance have helped me get my license and now my business certification to prepare for government contracts and major business opportunities.”