Helping Atlanta’s kids save for their education and a brighter future.

The road to saving starts here.

The HOPE Child Savings Account (CSA) program provides qualifying Atlanta Public Schools (APS) kindergartners with a free savings account and a one-time deposit of $50. The savings account, managed by Operation HOPE, will be a starting point for savings reserved for expenses related to post-secondary education and career preparation.

A Brighter Future Awaits

Participation in CSAs has been associated with improved social and emotional well-being in young children, greater educational expectations, improved early academic achievement, better college outcomes, and a better return on a degree. (MIDWESTERN HIGHER EDUCATION COMPACT Brief, May 2018)

Research conducted at the University of Kansas shows young people who have savings from an early age are more likely to maintain positive relationships with financial institutions, diversify their financial portfolios and accumulate more assets as they age

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What is included?

This program will create savings accounts so that the participating students and their families can develop financial plans for their future. The program will also provide financial workshops and coaching for students’ parents and caregivers. And students will receive financial literacy programming and college and career preparedness services throughout their K-12 experience.

Ready for a brighter future?

The program kicks off in the spring of 2022. Through the City of Atlanta and Operation HOPE’s support, the program is fully supported for 2 years but Operation HOPE has committed to running and growing the program for at least a decade.

Click here to learn more or to log into an existing account. You can also email Operation HOPE to get the latest updates on the Atlanta Child Savings Account program.

How to Help

Partner With Operation HOPE

We are actively seeking partnerships with corporations, philanthropic organizations and individuals who understand the importance of creating the next generation of educated and financially empowered citizens in Atlanta.  We welcome your support in helping make this program a national model of success.

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Consider supporting the Atlanta Child Savings Account program through a one-time or recurring gift that represents a building block to a brighter future filled with opportunities.

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What are the requirements to qualify for an account?

All kindergarteners attending Title One Atlanta Public Schools (APS) will qualify.

What is needed to register a Student Account or view the account?

A HOPE Child Savings Account has already been opened in the student’s name. To register the account, please visit or click here.

You will need to provide the following information:

– Student account number found in the welcome letter (mailed to you)
– Student’s date of birth
– Zip code
– Email address

If you have questions regarding the account, please contact us at

How will I be notified if my child qualifies?

Qualifying students will be notified by Operation HOPE and Atlanta Public Schools in the spring of 2022. Accounts will be established in May of 2022.

Are there additional ways to add to the accounts?

HOPE and APS will work together to create other opportunities for additional incentive deposits. Students and their families will be encouraged to add to the savings accounts as well.