Living in the Real World

Two years ago Macie came to Operation HOPE as a recent college graduate ready to take on the real world. Post-graduate life was great, but it proved to be much harder than she anticipated. Financially she was stressed and stretched, living on credit cards and accumulating a lot of debt.  

During their initial meeting, Macie and her HOPE financial wellbeing coach Leslie began the work to help Macie take control of her financial life. They created a budget. The budget helped Macie track her spending and understand how her finances worked, not how she imagined it did. Her homework was to track her spending and live within the new budget they created.  

After a while, Macie began seeing the rewards of her hard work.  She not only increased her credit score but also managed to save $3,200.00.  This not only reflects her commitment to financial responsibility but also sets a solid foundation for her future financial goals.

Macie hit a turning point in her financial growth journey when was when she purchased a vehicle, something she previously believed was beyond her grasp. With her new job and its travel requirements, feeling safe on the road was a non-negotiable for her peace of mind.  

It’s clear that Macie’s hard work and dedication have paid off, and she’s now better positioned to navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with the real world. Even more, she’s empowered to pursue the life that she wants with confidence in her decisions.

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