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“My name is Erica J., and I am a 39-year-old single mother of four. Before coming to Operation HOPE, I lacked the education on budgeting and increasing my credit score.  My top goals were to increase my overall financial wellness and own a home.  I started the credit program and worked with Nicole McGaha in November of 2021.  Nicole made me feel comfortable and empowered that I could do something that I had never done, and that is become a homeowner.  I am glad Nicole has always been available to answer any questions I had and encouraged me along this journey.  I am excited to say I have learned how to budget, save, and manage my credit.  I have always wanted to provide a better life for my children and feel I am on the right path to continue to do that.  When I started the program, my credit score was a 493 and has increased by 58 points to 551.  Although I still have some ways to go, I am motivated to continue to the finish line to become a homeowner.  My savings has also increased by $1500.   I have been empowered with tools and information I can pass along to my children and other family members.”

– Erica J., Credit and Money Management Client, HOPE Inside FirstBank, Memphis, TN

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