One Step Back, Three Steps Forward

Aaron Bush attended an Operation HOPE workshop through our strategic alliance partner, NPower, back in 2020. He came to HOPE shortly after the workshop to find assistance with improving his credit so that he could improve his savings. When he first got started with his coach, Ryan Moore from HOPE Inside Regions Belleville, in May of 2020, he had a 534 credit score and a few collections and charge offs. He was unemployed and trying to find a job as part of his program with NPower. 

Aaron got right to work finding a new job and starting to work on some of the plans he and Ryan had put into place. Within a year of being in the program, Aaron increased his credit score by over 100 points from a 534 to 690 and was able to increase his savings and began investing. At last check-in, Aaron was maintaining his credit score at a 693, has continued to invest and save more and enjoying the perks of his higher credit with the purchase of a new car!

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