Remembering the Lives Lost in Uvalde and Buffalo

Operation HOPE, the nation, and the world join the families of the young victims in Uvalde, Texas, who lost their lives to senseless gun violence. 

Our programs and initiatives involve personal reflection, assessment of habits, and an action plan for changed mindset and behavior to build personal success. In the 23 years since Columbine, 10 years since Sandy Hook, and four years since Parkland, it is apparent that our nation is in desperate need of HOPE-styled coaching and guided towards meaningful change with a better mindset about our collective and individual futures. 

Without the freedom from unnecessary violence – of any type – in every neighborhood – individuals and families can never fully embrace the benefits of financial dignity and enjoy the American Dream. 

Chairman Bryant and Operation HOPE recognize that mass shootings are uniquely an American issue, and we will continue to serve our communities with vigor, especially the most vulnerable. 

Our sincere thoughts and prayers are with the families of Uvalde, Texas, those affected by the mass shooting in Buffalo, NY, and all the past communities that have been so profoundly affected by gun violence. 

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