Many individuals in underserved communities dream of starting businesses for years, but obstacles like lack of access to startup funding and limited business training and resources, get in the way. Entrepreneurs are often unable to start or grow their businesses due in part to poor credit, lack of capital, and limited access to financial services.

Small business development is a core focus of HOPE’s Adult Empowerment Program. Offering small-business workshops and a more intensive entrepreneurial training program, HOPE helps participants master business basics, create and maintain a strong small business plan, as well as gain access to funding and resources to grow their business.

The 8-week Entrepreneurship Training Program is a practical curriculum designed to empower aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools and skills to successfully navigate the path to small business ownership—combining business training, personal development, access to professional services, and financial counseling.

Our graduates are empowered business owners offering products and services across the spectrum of industries and specialties—representing an infusion of innovation that benefit their local communities and our nation’s economy.