Thankful for a Renewed Money Mindset

Monique came to her new financial wellness coach, Niki, admittedly frustrated but determined. From their first conversation, Niki, the HOPE financial wellbeing coach at First Horizon Bank in Hickory, North Carolina, could tell Monique was extremely overwhelmed and dissatisfied with her financial situation, and just wasn’t sure of the right next steps to take. 

Though frustrated, Niki could tell that Monique had her heart set on making a change. She simply needed the confidence and a roadmap to help make it possible. First and foremost, before anything else, Niki impressed upon Monique the importance of taking self-accountability and control of her financial life. She helped her understand that despite what she was feeling and facing, she had the power to make a change — and she had already made significant progress simply by signing up and showing up to her appointment. Almost immediately, Monique’s disposition changed and she was ready for what she’ll later find out to be one of the best rides of her life. Monique accepted and embraced that in order to see the results that she wanted she needed to focus on the areas and skills that her coach would teach her. These tools would help her reach her goal of increasing her credit score to purchase a home.

During their sessions, Monique and Niki worked together to create a budget and identified where exactly her paychecks were going. Then, they created a work plan to help her have short-term goals to achieve as she was already making progress without even knowing it. 

Although Monique is experiencing the joys and benefits of a new financial future, her coach Niki continues to be thankful for the role that she’s played in her life to motivate and encourage her to continue on her path as a financial wellness coach. “Monique truly has been a blessing because she showed me that with a little guidance and encouragement, change is possible, especially with the change in her mindset,” says Niki. Monique now has control of her finances and is on her way to connecting with a homeownership coach to purchase her first home. 

Below is an excerpt of a testimonial from Monique about her time with Niki and her experience with HOPE. Here’s what she said:

“Before Operation HOPE I could not understand how I continued to not have enough money for anything ever, even after getting a major raise or having extra money etc. My money would just go fast. I was feeling hopeless. I convinced myself that I’ll always have just enough to survive, and I must be grateful for that. I later realized that life is about thriving, and I must figure this financial thing out. 

After meeting with Niki, I found hope through just a simple budget and plan. I felt more in control and although I didn’t acknowledge it, I was thriving financially whether it be saving, maintaining a system or credit score, things were happening!

I learned that my mindset had to change about money.I feared it. I was scared to lose it. I was scared to take risks. You name it, I dealt with it. With Niki’s nonjudgmental approach and knowledge, I felt that now anything is possible. The problem I was trying to solve was to improve my credit score but more importantly, manage my money overall. I was informed about Operation HOPE by a family member, and it was the BEST decision ever. 

I’m now wanting to move forward with homeownership. My fear stalled me but after expressing this to my coach she planned to help me through the process.”

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