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Anita Finds Financial Freedom in Style

Anita Banks has a larger-than-life personality and the “boss lady” mindset to go with it. This supermom and mental health clinician has a heart for people and empowering her community. After suffering the loss of her mother last year, Anita realized that she needed a more flexible schedule that allowed her to move at her own pace. Considering the alternatives, she chose entrepreneurship as the vehicle she’d use to eventually arrive at her destination.

Shortly after that, Bayou Classy LLC made its debut! Drawing inspiration from her home state of Louisiana and her love of fashion, Anita launched an online accessories store that adds flair and flavor to fashion. Anita took the initiative to get started but knew that she needed to gain technical skills and a basic understanding of business operations to excel. That’s when she found Operation HOPE and her small business coach Terrance.

Terrance and the Entrepreneurship Training Program class that he taught were exactly what Anita wanted. The course introduced Anita and her classmates to business fundamentals, and they gained experience in practicing their elevator pitches and developing SWOT analyses. Before the program, Anita had never heard of many of the concepts and terms Terrance introduced. However, by the end of the program, she had a firm grasp on them and immediately began folding them into her business. Anita has also chosen to pay it forward as an advocate for Operation HOPE and our services and even teaches others within her circle the very things she learned in class! She says that it’s just too good to keep to herself!

We are proud of Anita and her accomplishments and look forward to hearing more great things about Bayou Classy in the future!

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