Arnika’s Loaded Juice Gets the Green Light to Grow!

Arnika Carter is passionate about promoting healthy lifestyles and empowering people to fall in love with the journey. That’s partially what inspired her to launch her company, Loaded Juice, in her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. 

From the beginning, Arnika’s venture into juicing was driven by her own health challenges. She discovered the benefits of cold-pressing juices for herself and was inspired to share these health solutions with others. Soon, Arnika had a good problem on her hands. Her product gained popularity and her business began to grow. She needed to find a way to scale her operations. That’s when she met her small business development coach Angelic Mister. 

Angelic was excited to help Arnika navigate the complexities of business expansion through the Small Business Development Program. With Angelic’s help, Arnika got the educational support she needed to navigate the new entrepreneurial terrain, and secured the financial backing needed to take Loaded Juice to the next level!

Thanks in part to Angelic’s coaching, Arnika was able to secure a $25,000 business loan from First Horizon Bank, a crucial step that enabled her to plan significant upgrades, including the addition of a food truck to increase her business’s mobility and reach.

Today, Loaded Juice is more than a product — it’s a growing brand that represents health, vitality, and community engagement. Arnika herself remains a passionate advocate for starting small and dreaming big. Her advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs is to “just get started and don’t allow yourself to get discouraged.” With the right support, she believes, any obstacle can be overcome, and any business vision can be realized.

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