Basking in the Freedom of Homeownership

Brittany Harris spent her Independence Day weekend basking in the freedom of homeownership. Just a day prior to our nation’s birthday, Brittany closed on her first home! Much like the story of American independence, the road to victory and success was hard fought but ultimately worth it.

Brittany’s story isn’t just a homeownership story. It’s a story of hope and perseverance that typifies the spirit of America and Operation HOPE. Her journey with Operation HOPE began with her initially wanting to work on credit and money management because she had her heart set on homeownership. She and her financial wellbeing coach, Luis Giannattasio in Miami, worked to remove errors on her credit report, understand the best pay down dates for her credit accounts, and establishing healthy money habits to prepare for the future home she would own.

Then, she and Luis began working on the major goal — purchasing a home. Over the course of her journey Brittany experienced many setbacks. However, she kept her focus on the vision and refused to let her month sof hard work be in vain. After finding an ideal lender, and with the help of Luis’ partnership and accountability, she ultimately accomplished her goal. But she’s not stopping there!

Next on Brittany’s financial journey is entrepreneurship. She wants to enjoy every part of the American dream and is determined to do so! Operation HOPE looks forward to walking with Brittany on the next leg of her journey and can’t wait to see what she does next!

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