Love is in the air, and our good friends “Financial Dignity” and “Financial Literacy” are beginning to get the attention they deserve.

For a long time, it was difficult to get anyone to pay attention to the pair. They’ve heard it all – “They’re too needy,” “They’re not cool enough,” “I don’t want to be seen in public with either one of them.” But now, people are seeing just how easy it is to love them.

If you’re still flirting with the idea of getting hooked up with the two most eligible members of the Financial Family, here are three tips to help you get acquainted with them.

  1. Just say “Hi.”  

The hardest part about getting to know someone is taking the first step and making the first move. Financial dignity and financial literacy are waiting to have a long, lasting, and fruitful relationship with you…but you have to be willing to be vulnerable. You may think they’ll judge you for your past mistakes, but they won’t. They simply want to help you improve. Why not make today the first day of forever?

2. Do a Little Research

In the age of information, it’s easy to get the scoop on just about anybody! You should know a little bit about who you’re getting to know before you become exclusive. The same is true of your financial life. Vital information about your financial health is free and readily available to you. Check out your most recent credit reports through any one of the three major reporting agencies: Experian, TransUnion, or Equifax.

3. Set a Date

Dates are a time for you to really get to know the person you’re looking to spend more time with. Sometimes they can be a bit intimidating, but they can be fun too. Starting out with financial literacy can be the same way. Set up some time with a HOPE Financial Wellness Coach and arrange your first date with financial dignity and wellness.

Make this the best Valentine’s Day ever and start falling in love with Financial Literacy and Financial Dignity with Operation HOPE.