Focused on the Goal: Russhelle’s Homeownership Dream

At Operation HOPE, we believe in the transformative power of financial literacy and financial coaching. Every day, we help empower people like Russhelle T., who overcame her financial hurdles with determination and great coaching to achieve her dream of homeownership. Despite a challenging credit score in the 590s and a pressing timeline, Russhelle began a journey of financial literacy through our Credit and Money Management program, guided by our financial wellbeing coach, Matthew Mitchell.

Russhelle’s journey was marked by perseverance and resilience. During her enrollment, she experienced a car breakdown and was dealt a financial setback. Nevertheless, she remained focused on her goals and never became discouraged. With regular check-ins and a positive attitude, she improved her credit score by over 100 points and successfully closed on her new home by February 2024. This accomplishment is a testament to Russhelle’s hard work and the effectiveness of personalized financial coaching.

Her story is a powerful example of how Operation HOPE’s mission translates into real-life success. It underscores our belief that financial stability and homeownership are achievable goals with the right support and education. We are dedicated to empowering more individuals like Russhelle, helping them turn their financial goals into realities, and fostering a future filled with financial freedom.

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  1. Hello that was a very great testimony and great story. My question is how long did she achieved her goal. When did she enroll in the program?

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