From Spending Like a Princess to Budgeting Like a Queen

When Alisha first met Tiffany back in July 2020 she admittedly was a spender. Tiffany knew that her spending was out of control, especially if she was going to have any hope in achieving her goal of homeownership. Even more, she had no idea what to do about credit. Nevertheless, as a successful small business owner focused on online technical support for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits, she knew the power of getting a helping hand to fill in the gaps of skill, expertise, and understanding. So she sought out the help of her new financial wellbeing coach from HOPE Inside Capital Bank in Salisbury, North Carolina.

Alisha and Tiffany began walking through her financials and building a workable budget based on her income so that she could adequately plan her moves. They began to convert Tiffany’s “princess” spending habits into a “queen’s” state of mind regarding healthy financial habits. “One thing that I can appreciate about is that she allowed me to be transparent through every secession,” Tiffany said. “She stayed on me about everything! Even though she walked me through the how-to’s she never cradled me.”

Tiffany began to understand how her financial habits were preventing her from reaching her ultimate goal of buying a home. So she was encouraged to change her relationship with money and her credit and go all in. Together, Tiffany and Alisha began working on her credit score. At the start of the coaching sessions Tiffany had no reported score with TransUnion, so they made a plan to fix the problem. After diligently following her custom financial plan, her score jumped 100 points to a stellar 674 in less than a year. Additionally, in that same amount of time, she has saved over $10K towards the purchase of a new home.

Now with a new money mindset, this full-time business owner now doubles as a permanent Credit Queen Budgetnista. Today, she is ready to purchase a home and is in the market to purchase. More importantly, however, she is optimistic and excited about her financial future

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