Meet the 7-Year Old, Financially Literate Girl Boss, Anastasia Linkpon

New York born and raised Anastasia Linkpon is the 7.5-year-old active, bilingual, and engaging second grader and now e-boutique owner of BoujFleaMarket and one of the youngest recipients of HOPE One Million New Black Business (1MBB) initiative in conjunction with Shopify

Adriane Mack & Anastasia Linkpon of BoujFleaMarket
Adriane Mack & Anastasia Linkpon of BoujFleaMarket

Anastasia and her mom Adriane Mack, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Miss Mack Enterprises and Curated Culture, co-own and operate the fun and unpretentious boutique (hence the name bourgeois flea market) that sells girl friendly, ready-to-wear clothing, accessories and limited collection of self care items for kids including vegan bath bombs and lip balm by Lady J Organics with more items to roll out over the year.

“I love being sassy and smart, and I love bath bombs. I love that I get to spend more time with my mom,” says Anastasia Linkpon, Founder, BoujFleaMarket. BoujFleaMarket will launch this March and look forward to selling their individual items and their special Mother’s Day mom package including – lavender, body scrub and bath bombs.

BoujFleaMarket was built using Shopify, a leading global commerce platform; Shopify’s support of 1MBB is part of our ongoing efforts to create even more opportunities for Black entrepreneurs, which have recently included their feature in Shop, their shopping assistant app, for consumers to discover Black-owned businesses and their Build Black event and community. 

“Creating generational wealth through the creation of new Black businesses and Black entrepreneurs is a direct gateway to social justice. The creation of ownership, jobs and opportunity in a generation helps to strengthen democracy and ensure freedom through self determination. This is empowerment at scale,” said John Hope Bryant, CEO and Founder of Operation HOPE. “To have Shopify actively supporting the 1MBB Initiative is a true game changer. Working together, we can scale our business creation platform to help underserved communities and enhance economic prosperity across America.”

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