Sweet Legacy: The Mom + Daughter Duo Behind Kayla’s Italian Ice

written by: Y. Theresa Bostic

Every mother carries a vision, a hope that her children will grow to be strong, dynamic individuals who will leave an indelible mark upon the world. In short, we call that legacy. Legacy is more than a mere inheritance of wealth or a family name; it’s the intangible essence of what we instill in our children—the values, the resilience, the drive to transform dreams into reality.

Kayla’s Italian Ice began as a simple wish to bring a piece of my own childhood memories to life, to recreate the joy of a New York summer in our new home state of Georgia. But it blossomed into something far greater—a shared dream with my daughter, Kayla. Together, we’ve taken this idea and turned it into a reality, a tangible manifestation of creativity and entrepreneurship, family legacy, and a deeper mother-daughter bond.

As we navigate this journey of nurturing Kayla’s Italian Ice, I see my daughter evolving before my eyes. She’s not just learning to run a business; she’s becoming the embodiment of what it means to be a resilient, savvy businesswoman. She’s learning how to take an idea from conception to fruition, facing challenges head-on with a confidence that swells my heart with pride.

As Kayla and I sat on stage at the HOPE Global Forums during a segment spotlighting Black-owned businesses, I paused and thought about what the future holds for Kayla, aware that her path may take many turns. Yet, there’s a profound sense of confidence that comes from witnessing her growth thus far. Whether she continues to expand her horizon within the world of Italian ice or ventures into a new passion she develops, one thing is certain—she has the will to succeed and the foundation to support that success.

Building this part of our family’s legacy with Kayla has been an unexpectedly rewarding part of my life. It’s not just about teaching her the ropes of business; it’s about watching her embrace the journey, with all its highs and lows, and developing the fortitude to persevere. This, in itself, is a legacy—a living testament to the strength and potential that lies within her.

The beauty of this legacy is that it’s not set in stone. It’s ever-evolving, shaped by every decision we make, every flavor we create, and every customer we delight. And while I can’t predict the future, I am confident in the legacy that’s unfolding—one where my daughter steps into the world equipped to face and embrace whatever comes her way.

As we continue to pour our hearts into Kayla’s Italian Ice, I am filled with a sense of hopeful anticipation for what lies ahead. This legacy we are building is more than a family business—it’s a testament to the larger legacy of Black entrepreneurs who came before us, and the many trailblazing women, many of whom have not been given the recognition they deserve. And for that, I am eternally grateful, to my daughter, to our supporters, and to Operation HOPE and the 1 Million Black Businesses initiative that fuels dreams and empowers legacies.

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