“Turning Points: Sandra’s Journey to Financial Freedom with Operation HOPE”

In April 2023, Sandra embarked on a transformative journey towards financial freedom, initially referred by a real estate agent with the aspiration to purchase a home and enhance her savings. The first meeting, held on April 20, 2023, uncovered her financial challenges: a credit score of 583, $3000 in savings, two payday loans, $1300 in collections, and an overwhelming $109,000 in student loan debt.

The turning point in Sandra’s financial journey came when she met Erin Smith, her HOPE financial wellbeing coach, after enrolling in Operation HOPE’s Credit and Money Management program. Sandra’s enrollment wasn’t just about acquiring financial literacy; it was about long-term empowerment toward financial independence. Over a period of 7 months, guided by the program’s structured approach and Erin’s expertise, Sandra tackled her financial challenges head-on. She managed to settle her collection and charged-off accounts, devised a sustainable budget, eliminated her payday loans, and significantly boosted her savings. Even more, her efforts led to an increased credit score of 640, paving the way for her to get pre-approved for a $260,000 mortgage, which she successfully closed on December 15, 2023. Additionally, her $109,000 student loan debt was forgiven!

Now, as a homeowner, Sandra enjoys a promising new chapter in life filled with a strong financial foundation, an improved credit score, augmented savings, drastically reduced debt, and a wealth of confidence and knowledge to sustain her financial growth.

Sandra’s narrative of success and empowerment didn’t end when she graduated from the program in December. Inspired by her own achievements, she has since referred three of her loved ones to enjoy the benefits of starting their financial wellness journey with the Credit and Money Management program.

If Sandra’s story inspired you to pursue your financial wellbeing, Operation HOPE extends an invitation to explore the Credit and Money Management program. Find a coach and get started today by visiting You too can find financial success and realize your dreams, just as Sandra did.

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