We Remain Hopeful and Resilient: Remembering 9/11

On September 11, 2001, our world changed forever. We faced immense grief as thousands of lives were stolen from us, and our nation experienced a sorrow unparalleled in our recent collective memory.

Yet, the passage of time offers perspective. What was once labeled a “day that will live in infamy” can also be viewed through a new lens — one that emphasizes hope, potential, and our nation’s enduring spirit. September 11, while an indelible mark of profound loss, also serves as a reminder of our shared resilience and unity.

Over two decades later, our nation, with all of its beauty and challenges, remains firmly bonded. It’s amidst these imperfections that America’s true grace shines. Our nation’s strength lies not in unanimous agreement but in our capacity to voice diverse opinions, challenge differing ideologies, and still find unity. For over two centuries, we’ve navigated internal tumult, and yet, we continue to flourish.

The spirit of America is one of action, growth, and unyielding determination. In the wake of 9/11, this spirit was unmistakably evident. A nation, unified by shared values, momentarily set aside differences to rise to the occasion to form community and demonstrate what it means to be a neighbor.

Let’s honor the memory of that day by recalling the brave individuals who, without hesitation, came to the aid of their fellow person — citizens and visitors alike. It’s this spirit of unity, responsibility, and communal kindness that inspired countless individuals and organizations, including Operation HOPE, to step in and offer a helping hand where and how we could.

Today, as we reflect on the events of September 11, we not only remember the loss but also celebrate American hope, resilience, and the birth of HOPE Coalition America (HCA) – one of Operation HOPE’s most significant initiatives in times of need.

May we remain committed to an America grounded in liberty, justice for all, and resilient in its quest for freedom, both domestically and globally.

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