The journey to financial independence and a secure future begins with the knowledge and tools to support personal aspirations.

Most young people in low- and moderate-income households don’t learn much about money. They may know that their families don’t have a lot of it, but they usually don’t understand why, or how the economic system works, and what that represents in their household, community, or nation.

Banking On Our Future (BOOF) is an award-winning youth financial literacy curriculum developed by Operation HOPE for students in grades 4-12. The program is delivered through partnerships with over 4,000 local school systems and community organizations throughout the country, at no cost to the student through sponsorships by our financial partners.

Led by certified HOPE Corps volunteers, the program teaches students money basics—budgeting, checking and savings; power of credit, and investments.

BOOF graduates are empowered to participate in financial discussions with their families, save for college, and confidently manage their own money.

The program elevates the dignity, hope, and economic self-sufficiency of young people, particularly in low-wealth and underserved communities, through financial literacy.