America’s future depends on diversity & Inclusion

The Business Plan for America emphasizes diversity and opportunity as the cornerstones for economic growth, sustaining the United States’ position as a global leader, and ensuring our shared prosperity. Together, we can rebuild America and create a safer, more prosperous future for us all.

Published by LinkedIn and amplified through their Leading Voices platform, The Business Plan for America is a blueprint for inclusivity and prosperity, urging us all to embrace our inherent strength — our diverse demographics — as a path to sustained economic strength. Our future as a nation depends on our willingness to “extend the table and add some chairs” to shift our economic trajectory.

The press release was picked up by over 270 outlets around the world.


Plan Released During Milken Global Conference

Closed-Door Session on DEI at Milken Global Conference with Bill Ackman

At the Milken Institute Global Conference, Operation HOPE CEO John Hope Bryant, alongside other top-tier executives, including Pershing Square Capital Founder Bill Ackman, had a robust and authentic conversation around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

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making the case

In recent media appearances and publications, John Hope Bryant has been making the case for The Business Plan for America, explaining the critical role that diversity plays in our economic structure and our future as a global superpower. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives don’t displace qualified workers in a given field. Rather it ensures that the best talent is sourced from a broader pool. They’re not a drain — rather, it is R & D for our nation.


At Operation HOPE, financial literacy is personal to us because we understand the critical role it plays in empowering individuals and communities.

Therefore, we have launched a “Campaign for America” in which every American can advance financial literacy for themselves and their communities. We believe that everyone can do something – where they live, learn, work or play – to improve their own financial future or help someone else with theirs.



Also connected to our Campaign for America, Financial Literacy for All: Disrupting Struggle, Advancing Financial Freedom, and Building a New American Middle Class, delivers a  new approach to understanding money and achieving financial fulfillment. This book, written by Operation HOPE CEO John Hope Bryant, helps advance the mission of Operation HOPE and provides essential tools to promote the financial wellness of our nation. Click HERE to learn more.