Employee Financial Wellness

Employers can partner with Operation HOPE to offer our programs as benefit to their employees.

Financial programming  and coaching that directly benefits employees.

Financial wellness programming that helps your employees achieve financial dignity and direction.


The goal of HOPE Inside the Workplace is that every major employer in the U.S. provides financial capability services as part of its benefits package, employee assistance program, or professional development training. These services help provide employees with the financial freedom that allows individuals and families to weather emergencies, build transferable wealth, navigate student loan debt, and plan for the future. 

Our coaches will EDUCATE your employees on what they need to know, COACH them through putting what they learn into practice and CONNECTing them to the resources they need to keep doing it. 

Operation HOPE has a series of programs to support their path to successfully managing their money, owning a home, starting a business, or recovering from a disaster (hurricane, tornado, fire, pandemic, etc.).

Your workers are likely your biggest asset and drivers of your success.

Evidence suggests financial wellness programs are as effective as health and wellness at changing employee actions. Not only will employees gain financial skills and confidence, the employer may see benefits such as increased productivity and cost savings associated with reduced sick leave, and disability.

Benefits of Employee Financial Coaching

Reduced Employee Financial Stress

The majority of employees feel a financial wellness program that teaches them how to set financial goals (75%) or budget (62%) would reduce their financial stress.

Reduced Employee Turnover

Millennials (46%), Gen X (44%), and Baby Boomers (30%) say their commitment to their company is influenced by how much the company cares about their financial well-being.

Increased 401K Participation and Retirement Preparation

In 2020, more than 50% of workers believed they would be able to save more for retirement if they knew how to manage their financial priorities. 

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“My best and the most fulfilling outcome was creating a budget plan. I was able to get a system down and apply it to my daily routine. Learning to spend what I have and sticking to it was hard (still is), but learning to accept it and learning to say no now so that I can say yes later is fulfilling when that later part comes.”
“I hadn't really thought of my credit before, but I am really thankful that I did. I started with a score of 659, but after being in the Operation HOPE program, I now have a whopping score of 739. Needless to say, I knocked my parents right out of the park with my 80 point credit score increase!”


Do you have a requirement for the number of employees?

Depending on the size of your organization, a HOPE Financial Wellbeing Coach or Coaches will work closely and confidentially with your employees in a way that makes them feel confident and empowered to take the next steps, and to live life with “financial dignity.” This personalized coaching guides employees to develop individualized plans of action around managing debt, building savings, or budgeting to improve their overall financial health.

Should I use this program for all employees?

This program is ideal for all employees, but specifically those who live and survive paycheck to paycheck and are unable to weather an unplanned expense or financial shock.